Furry Friends Gallery!

Furry Friends Gallery!

HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE FURRY FRIENDS GALLERY! It’s always fun to see which furry friends have been keeping you company while you knit up your projects, and over the past few years these gorgeous pets have been snapped and sent in to be shared with everyone! So here they are, our best friends, helpers (and hinderers!)...

Violet sent in by Susan Cumming from Gainesville, Florida, USA:

“I couldn’t pass up the chance to send Violet’s photos for your gallery.  The first is Violet on “Mars” in a glam shot taken at her Spa. Next is Violet relaxing on Deco Dreams. She is two years old now and has given up chasing yarn to sit by my side as I knit. Violet is a real treat, keeping me on my toes everyday. As is often said about Scotties: she is the Queen and I am her loyal subject!”

Lodger, Lovely Boy, Sweetie Pie, sent in by Andrea Surgeoner from Bude, Cornwall, UK:

“This magnificent beast adopted us at the beginning of the first lockdown. He had been living on the golf course, which is close to our house but, when the course closed for the lockdown and he no longer had golfers to feed him, he decided he’d like to come and live with us.  He has excellent taste in sleeping places and is often to be found on one of your mystery blankets on our bed. He doesn’t have a name, and my husband insists that we shouldn’t name him as he isn’t ours. I think the cat would disagree. My husband calls him Cat but my friend Christina refers to him as the Lodger and I think that suits him very well. I’m also given to calling him Lovely Boy, Sweetie Pie, and things like that!”

Sebastian sent in by Catherine McDonald from Kettering, Tasmania:

“Sebastian is a bit of a star of the Facebook Mystery Blanket group, usually photographed with knitting displayed on his back!”

Orla & Flossie and Finan sent in by Catherine Pope from Nottingham, UK:

 “Here are Orla (Border Terrier) and Flossie (cat) vying for attention with my knitting!

And this is Finan. He’s keen to get on the knitting support rota!”

Daisy Steiner sent in by Deborah Steiner from Yarmouth, Massachusetts, USA:

“This is Daisy Steiner!”

Abby sent in by Brynne Baruch from Lewes, Delaware, USA:

“Sometimes they just guard the knitting…your Precious Earth blanket under construction…"

Edward and Roo sent in by Jo Boraston from Canterbury, Kent, UK:

Here is Edward helping me with my Mystery Blanket!

And here is Edward's Mum Roo. We have had them just over four years, Roo was only 6 months old when she had her kittens. We adopted the two of them together, her other two kittens were also rehomed as a pair. She’s not interested in my knitting today, although she has just stolen my seat!”

Lottie sent in by Phyllida Bardsley from Penrith, UK:

“This is my dog Lottie saying it’s time for a walk!”

Spot sent in by Jan Trapp from Mendota Heights, Minnesota, USA:

“Spot sits on my shoulders while I (try to!) knit!”

Chico sent in by Margaret Crompton from Southsea, UK:

“This is my three-year old Chihuahua, fresh from the groomers. He loves playing with wool if I inadvertently let it fall on the floor, and beads have to wait until he’s asleep. Otherwise he lets me get on with my knitting in between walks. This is my first Mystery Blanket and I’m loving it!”

Freddy sent in by Jane Mckeag from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA:

“Here is Freddy, lounging on handknits. It’s Janie Crow’s Norwegian pillow, a pillow from the Shetlands, and a bright Afghan with Noro wool. The other is a temperature blanket made with Felted Tweed using a Kaffe Fassett pattern. I was actually knitting my October squares with him at my side. I love this blanket and it’s much too nice for Freddy!”

Ollie and Theo sent in by Robyn Tommasini from Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

“Please meet Ollie. He’s one of my fur babies who likes to help me knit my blanket. He’s such a cuddle bug and loves to sit on my lap while I knit. He’s not thrilled however when the yarn tickles him. My other pup, Theo, likes to sit near me but doesn’t like to sit on me while I work.

I finally got my two furry bumpkins together on my blanket. Ollie is on the left and Theo is on the right. They are the best of buddies and like to interrupt my knitting whenever possible, especially Theo. He’ll bring me his dog toys to try to distract me and get me and Ollie to try to play. With Ollie, I need to hide my wool away because, like a cat, he’ll throw it around until it’s a knotted mess. Luckily he hasn’t got hold of any of my MB wool!”

Sammy sent in by Helen Jackson from Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada:

“Our wee 16-year-old cat Sammy, still loving this part the best!”

Sadly, Helen’s much-loved and cherished Sammy passed away recently, but she wanted to share some of these lovely pictures of Sammy enjoying all the wonderful things that she’s knitted over the years:

Bruno sent in by Barbara McKeown from Norwich, UK:

“Here’s Bruno and bug watching Wimbledon!”

Lani and Ruby sent in by Kelly Symons from Alexander, Arizona, USA:

“I just wanted to share with you my knitting support group that I have here at home. Lani the cat is always encouraging me to find more knitting time and of course she helps to unravel the yarn! She is a hot mess and totally has my heart!

But there is a bit of competition when it comes to my knitting time - Ruby the beagle is always ready to assist. Thank you for designing such beautiful blankets that allows us so many knitting hours together.”

Bruno sent in by Christine Thomas from Weston Super Mare, UK:

“My furry friends are a large number of teddy bears. I don't know whether these count but they always bring me joy on dark days. The attached photo shows Bruno who carries the scars from a number of fights.  Bruno is jealously guarding the Bracken square as he has decided this pattern would be just the thing for a jaunty new waistcoat!” 

It has been an absolute joy to share all these wonderful pics of your furry friends, so I want to send a big thank you to everyone who contributed to the gallery. I wish you and all your amazing pets the most fabulous 2024, and may it bring lots more happy hours of knitting alongside your loved ones!

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Thank you, Debbie, for the pet gallery. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the furry Mystery Blanket Club members. A special word for Helen: I’m so sorry you have lost your precious Sammy. May his memory be a blessing.

Susan Cumming

Very nice pics with beautiful fury friends and knitting.Thanks for sharing them!
Wishing you all the best for 2024
Big hugs and warm regards,


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