Fun Knittings Books that are a Little Bit Different

Fun Knittings Books that are a Little Bit Different

Knitting books are a great resource for improving your skills and taking on new projects and challenges.

While there are plenty of useful books out there, I wanted to put together a list of books that are little more out of the ordinary.

So without further ado, here’s my list of creative, different and fun knitting books.

Cute & Easy Little Knits (Nicki Trench) cute and easy little knits - a fun knitting book

Cute & Easy Little Knits sums itself up nicely in the title. These small, simple and colourful designs make for adorable gifts or additions to the home. Whilst many of the designs are ideal for beginners, there’s also some more challenging projects included.

The designs include knitted toys, cases, bags, clothing and home accessories. Some of the cutest designs are the little kittens, mice and egg cosies!

Literary Knits (Nikol Lohr)

literary knits book 

Literary Knits offers an interesting and unique theme for its knitting designs - patterns inspired by classic literature. Inspired by a wide range of books, there’s patterns for women, men and children. Some examples of the projects include:

  • Daisy Cloche inspired by The Great Gatsby
  • Galadriel Hooded Dress inspired by Lord of the Rings
  • Gregor Sweater inspired by The Metamorphosis
  • Ishmael Sweater inspired by Moby Dick
  • Jo Mittens inspired by Little Women

What a fantastic way to celebrate the beauty of both knitting and books!

Mini Knitted Cosmos (Sachiyo Ishii)

fun knitting books - mini knitted cosmos

If you’re interested in both knitting and space then this book is for you. Mini Knitted Cosmos includes over 40 space-themed designs including mini knitted planets, astronauts, aliens and astro-animals.

We know that a lot of kids are fascinated with space so these mini-knits can make for fun and thoughtful gifts for children.

Woodland Knits (Stephanie Dosen)

woodland knits book

Woodland Knits is all about charming clothing and accessory designs inspired by woodland flowers, vines and creatures. All of the completed projects are modeled and photographed in woodland settings to really show off their beautiful designs.

You can expect a range of exquisite woodland-themed garments from this book including sweaters, scarves, hats and mitts.

20 to Knit: Knitted Flowers (Susie Johns)

20 to Knit: Knitted Flowers book

Here’s one for the gardeners and green-fingered outdoor enthusiasts. 20 to Knit: Knitted Flowers includes 20 flower designs including rose, poppy, tulip and cherry blossom.

Perfect for bringing your love of garden flowers into your home!

Harry Potter Knitting Magic (Tanis Gray)

Harry Potter Knitting Magic book

Harry Potter Knitting Magic takes the enchanting ideas of the Harry Potter franchise and brings them to life through your knitting. The book offers an enchanting  combination of projects including clothing, apparel, mythical creatures and home décor all from the Wizarding World.

You can expect the likes of Hedwig the owl, Hogwarts house scarves, Quidditch socks and many more designs. Picking up this book is a no-brainer if you’re a Potterhead (or if you have Potterhead loved ones).

Magical Woodland Knits (Claire Garland)

magical woodland knits book

Magical Woodland Knits is a little different to some of the other cute animal knitting books in that it offers realistic (but still adorable) animal designs.

The 12 woodland creature projects featured include beautiful fox, deer, badger, squirrel and wolf designs - each one showing a wonderful attention to detail.

Knitted Cats & Dogs (Sue Stratford)

knitted cats and dogs book

Are you a cat-lover, a dog-lover or both? If you’re any of these then Knitted Cats & Dogs is a book for you.

There’s over 30 patterns of cats, dogs, kittens and puppies covering varying styles and scopes to suit your tastes and skill levels. Perfect for celebrating our love of our furry friends.

Geek Knits (Joan of Dark aka Toni Carr)

Covering the realms of science fiction and fantasy, here’s a book for the self-confessed geeky and nerdy knitters out there. These wonderful designs (of which there’s over 30) include toys, clothing and apparel. Expect dragons, dire wolves, baker streets hats, time traveler socks, Cthulhu fingerless gloves and much more.  

To make it even better, there’s many famous faces modeling the designs including George R. R. Martin, Bonnie Burton, René Auberjonois, Trillian Stars and John Carpenter.

Nudinits: Bare-Bottomed Fun from the Village of Woolly Bush (Sarah Simi)

nudinits fun knitting book

The Nudinits brand is a great go-to for knitters with a naughty sense of humour. Perhaps a good way to describe it would be the Carry On films meet knitting!

If you’re intrigued but unfamiliar, you can watch the wonderful Nudinits - Tickled Pink stop motion animation film below: 

Bare-Bottomed Fun from the Village of Woolly Bush gives exclusive knitting patterns for some of the brand’s popular characters, creatures and props making for a fantastic combination of knitting and comedy.

So there you have it, our selection of fun knitting books that are a little bit different! Do you have any already or are there any you want to give a go? Are there any you think we should add to the list?

Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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