Mystery Baby Blanket Club 2019: post 4, December

Mystery Baby Blanket Club 2019: post 4, December


We are now embarking on the fourth instalment of the project, which means we are over halfway through, with just three instalments to come after this. You can most probably see from the piecing diagrams where the design is going now. However, there are still some new squares to come, plus of course that all important centre square – any ideas yet as to what it could be?!?...

THE DECEMBER PATTERNS (MAIL OUT 4) WERE EMAILED TO ALL OF THE MEMBERS ON 1ST DECEMBER. And the printed patterns for those members who opted for them were posted on the following dates: overseas on the 22nd November; UK on the 28th November.

Don’t forget that you can also download the patterns from our website when you log into your account (this is only accessible for members who made payment for their membership through our online shop).

THERE ARE STILL A HANDFUL OF MEMBERSHIPS LEFT FOR THE 2020 MYSTERY BLANKET CLUB… but if you want to sign up you will have to be quick. We now have less than thirty memberships left out of five-hundred. And when they are sold out the Club will close its’ doors for signing up.

Below: A French Romance (2016)

Above: Beaneath the Sea (2010)

If you would prefer to spread the cost then there is an option to pay in instalments. Alternatively, if you would like to give it as a gift you can order vouchers for any denomination from £10 up to the full cost of the membership. Just contact Sue at for more information.

So what can I tell you about the design for next year?!? It focuses on lots of lovely textured stitches and stripe patterns in a soft palette of over twenty-five shades of some of Rowan’s best-loved yarns including Felted Tweed, Softyak and Baby Silk Merino DK, making it a tantalising journey of an exploration of colour and yarn fibres.

Interested and want to know more about it? Then why not sign up today and grab one of those last remaining places. And then you can start a brand new journey with me again in the New Year!

It’s easy to sign up. Follow this link to purchase your membership in the online shop on my website:

If you have a question about next year’s Mystery Blanket, then you might find the answer to it on the FAQ page on our website where you will find lots more information under ‘Mystery Club FAQS’:

See you next year?!?...

BEADYKNITS HAVE RECENTLY LAUNCHED TWO NEW COLLECTIONS OF GORGEOUS KNITTING KITS, which would make fabulous presents for anyone who likes a small colourful project. They are available to purchase in Jenny’s BeadyKnits shop on Etsy:

Nordic Festive Gift Bags


It's that time of year again when festive preparations are taking place in the home. BeadyKnits has been getting festive with some Nordic gift bag kit designs, ideal to hang on the Christmas tree, chairs or bed posts for that special gift.

The kit contains ALL three designs: Nordic Tree, Nordic Star and Nordic Present. You will receive whole balls of Rico Cotton Essentials DK yarn, Debbie Abraham's size 6 glass beads, satin ribbons,  mini organza bags and full colour pattern instructions, (knitting needles and sewing-up needle not included). Finished size of each bag is approximately 7.5cm x 9.5cm.

Price of kit £19 (excluding shipping)

Beaded Pin Cushion Kits

BeadyKnits have another fabulous gift idea with their colourful and practical pin cushion knitting kits!

Jenny says: "I have designed a small pin-cushion, which is ideal to keep all those stray pins in one place. The cushion also makes an attractive decorative accessory to have around the home and would make the ideal Christmas gift or small project. As there is no fabric lining or zip, the kit is relatively quick and easy to make.”

The kit comes in two different colourways: Carnival and Berry Burst. The kit contains quality Rico Cotton Essentials DK yarns and Debbie Abraham's size 6 glass beads, 4 large buttons, polyester stuffing, a hardboard square (backing board for pins) and full colour pattern instructions for the chosen design, (knitting needles and sewing-up needle not included).

*Please note that each colourway is purchased as a single kit. You do not receive both colourways in each kit.

Price of kit £19 (excluding shipping)

Happy shopping and thank you so much for your continued support!

THE TITLE OF THE MYSTERY BABY BLANKET has been guessed by quite a few of you now. However, for those members who are still not quite sure what it is, here is another letter to help you. This month the letter I am giving you is “N”:

_  _  _  E  / _  _  U  /  T  _  /  T  _  E  /  _  _  _  N  /  _  N  _  /  _  _  _  _

If you think you know what it is, why not send your answer to Sue at and see if you are right?!? There are no prizes for the correct answer – it is simply a bit of fun each month until you guess it!


Square 6: Soft Chevron – chevron lace pattern:

Below: Colourway 1

Above: Colourway 2

Square 7: Moon 2 – intarsia motif with small bobbles:

Below: Colourway 1

Above: Colourway 2

Square 12: Loveheart – intarsia motif with textured stitches:

Below: Colourway 1

Above: Colourway 2

Square 13: Cosy Up! – cable pattern:

Below: Colourway 1

Above: Colourway 2

Square 14: Baby Stripe 2 – stripe pattern with textured stitches:

Below: Colourway 1

Above: Colourway 2

The list of Pattern notes and tips for each square are worth reading before you start to knit. But here are a few extra tips to help you with your squares this month…

SQUARE 6, SOFT CHEVRON: this is the third time you’ve had this square to knit, so it should be a nice easy one to kick off your December knitting. Just remember to use a size smaller needle than the suggested needle size of 3.25mm to maintain the same tension as the other squares in the blanket.  

SQUARE 7, MOON 2: this intarsia square is similar to Square 29 from Mail Out 2 – which was many moons ago now!!! – however, the moon motif has been flipped over so that it faces the opposite direction. As it is intarsia, no yarns should be carried across the back of the work unless absolutely necessary. So this means that the background colour needs to be wound off into separate balls, introducing a second ball of it on Chart row 8. On Chart row 15 however, I would suggest that you take the background colour across the pointed tip of the moon, but I would use a separate short length of Cream to knit Chart rows 15-17. I would knit Chart rows 31-33 in a similar way.

The colours on the chart for Colourway 1 are quite pale and might be hard to see. So if you are struggling to read it, simply work from the chart for Colourway 2 but use Baby Blue in place of Turquoise.

SQUARE 12, LOVEHEART: this intarsia square is similar to Square 1 from Mail Out 1, but the small bobbles have been replaced by textured stitches. So it’s similar advice here to what I gave you for Square 7. I would suggest that you divide the background colour into two separate balls on Chart row 10. But you will also need to introduce a third ball (or short length) of the background colour on Chart row 34 where the heart dips in the middle, as well as a second ball of Cream at this same point for the heart.

SQUARE 13, COSY UP!: this is a new cable pattern, however, it has the same size cables as Square 9 from Mail Out 2, but they twist in different directions. So just make sure that you follow the instructions very carefully to ensure that you twist each one the correct way as within each cable row they twist both to the back and to the front.

SQUARE 14, BABY STRIPE 2: this square is similar to Square 8 from Mail Out 1, but the Baby Blue/Turquoise and Vintage Pink/Jaffa have been swapped for Lavender/Fuchsia and Heavenly/Denim. Rows 5 and 11 and their subsequent repeats use the fairisle technique but in a very basic way. Simply alternate knitting stitches using the two different colours, making sure if you can to pick them up and drop them back in the same way so that the yarns do not becomes twisted around each other (ie, one yarn on top and one yarn underneath).  

THE FINAL MYSTERY CLUB MEETING FOR THIS YEAR WAS HELD LAST MONTH IN BEESTON, NOTTINGHAM. And we celebrated in style with glasses of Prosecco and cupcakes! Here are, from left to right, Sarah, Joan, Catherine, Jennifer, Sue, Joan, Jane and Mary:

We had a lovely couple of hours together knitting blanket squares (and Mystery Cushion) while we chatted and drank our fizzy. And I was delighted too that Catherine and Jennifer brought along their Mystery Baby Blanket squares to show me their progress – both up to date, so well done ladies!

Jane entertained us with her paper serviette folding, showing us how to very easily make it into a decorative shape – although I will need a lesson or two more to remind me Jane!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sarah Doherty for hosting the Mystery meetings at her home for the past six months, where she has made all of us feel so welcome! And it's been great for me to able to meet some of the members who have been a joy to spend those couple of hours with each month. Happy Christmas everyone!

I am just about to pack my bags for a weekend away in Bournemouth with the lovely Jane Crowfoot and thirty knitters and crocheters for our annual Inspired Minds festive workshop. But before I dash off, don’t forget to keep sending in your stories and photos which could be included in next month’s blog. We always love to hear from you and see what you’ve been up to with your knitting projects. So please keep in touch! I’m off to grab my Santa hat and make my way south, so until next time, take care and keep those knitting needles busy! Debbie x
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