Member's Gallery!

Member's Gallery!

Welcome to the Member's Gallery!

During the past twelve months many of you have been keeping super busy and have completed a vast number of beautiful projects. So this is your chance to share your work with your fellow knitters and show us all your wonderful achievements. Here we go!...

First up is Anne McClure from Richmond upon Thames, UK who was determined to get her WIPS finished before the start of the 2021 Mystery Blanket. And she did it! Look what amazing projects she managed to complete within the past year...


Above: 2017 Mystery Blanket, 'Retrospective'.

Below: 2019 Mystery Blanket, 'Winter Wonderland'.

And not just two Mystery Blankets but also...

Above: Mystery Baby Blanket, 'Love You To The Moon & Back'.

Below: 2018 Mystery Cushion, 'Eastern Promise'.

Anne says: "I am very pleased with the results. And I have learnt a couple of things too!

1. Always embroider before sewing blanket together. Missed the embroidery on 2019 and proved difficult on sewn up blanket.
2. Finish one project so not blocking all the edges at the end! It took ages to block all the edges - 12 of them!
Looking forward to end Jan/Feb!"

These have been knitted beautifully and look stunning Anne! You must be thrilled to have completed all four projects. Good luck with your new knitting challenges this year!

Gail Coles from Buckinghamshire, UK has been very busy too and was delighted to get her 2020 Mystery Blanket finished before the start of the new one this year. Gail is a keen collector of the Debbie Abrahams Mystery Club projects, so these two will be added to her ever growing collection!

Here are some really lovely photos of Gail's Mystery Blanket, 'Our Precious Earth'. I really love the outdoor shots Gail - they complement the blanket and it's theme beautifully:


Gail says: "Hi Debbie, I've just finished the blanket this morning 🥰. What a masterpiece this one is, I find it incredible that a designer can design such a unique piece and 500 knitters from around the world have been able to recreate it! I love everything about this blanket, I love the yarn, the colours, the design, even the borders, I really detest moss stitch, but it became quite cathartic in the end! I was so grateful for this project over the last ten months, it gave hope and focus to an otherwise chaotic situation."

These are such beautiful photographs Gail, thank you! I am glad that this project kept you busy during such a difficult past twelve months. This is certainly one of many marvellous lockdown achievements!

I am thrilled to see another 2021 Mystery Blanket completed, and this time it's Annabel Casey from Windsor, UK. Annabel is another keen Mystery Blanket knitter and this is one of many of her completed projects which are all stunning!

Annabel says: "My finished blanket - ten months to the day since I started it thanks to lockdown. I did Option Two with the Option One central square. The only change I made was to use Pewter beads rather than Pebble in the border. I love the beautiful ombré borders in particular and all the lovely teals and greens. And now I am switching into festive mode and am going to make a start on the pretty Festive Mystery Box project. Looking forward to next years blanket already!"

I know how much you love to keep busy Annabel, and it certainly sounds as if you have plenty more projects to be getting on with now that this one is finished! This blanket has been knitted beautifully and will be a great addition to your collection of knitted lockdown achievements.
Ruth French from Cambridgeshire, UK has a lot going with her knitting at the moment, including some of her own designing and some crochet too! She has managed to complete several projects recently including her 2020 Mystery Blanket, the Festive Mystery Knit Box project and some Festive Bunting! And she has a great tip too about knitting stripes...
Above: 2020 Mystery Blanket, 'Our Precious Earth'.
Below: 2020 Festive Mystery Knit Box project, 'Twinkle Twinkle'.
Below: Ultimate Festive Bunting.
Ruth says: "Hi Debbie, I've just remembered I said I would send you these. Got distracted as have just taught myself crochet and am in the midst of a complicated CAL as well as my experimental own-designed fairisle temperature blanket!! To which I intend to add beads from my DA bead stash. I did cheat on the needle changes on the (Twinkle Twinkle) stocking stripes! I use beautiful Chiagoo interchangeables which are a delight to knit with.
Last year I completed your lovely bunting kit and am very happy to get it out again to add to my mantlepiece. I don’t usually decorate my house for Christmas until much closer to Christmas Day, but this year I needed the bling up early! Thanks for all your inspiration. Looking forward to Blanket 2021!"
That's a great tip about the needles, thank you Ruth! And some really super knitting too! You must be thrilled to have got so much done over the past year. And by the sounds of it you are going to be very busy this year too with all sorts of different projects!
Diane Pearmain from Northumberland, UK is not only a fabulous knitter, but she is also designs and makes amazing hand hooked rugs. I was completely 'wowed' by the photographs she sent of her rugs and mats inspired by her Mystery Blanket projects.
This is what Diane had to say:
"I finished my 2020 Mystery Blanket a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed knitting it. Thank you very much! I make hand hooked and prodded mats and rugs using woollen selvedge edges from textile mills-the few that are left. I was inspired by the colours and theme of this year’s blanket to make a small mat, 'Our Precious Earth'. The flecks in the yarn reminded me of minerals in the earth. I made the larger rug throughout the year alongside knitting the blanket. Some of the early squares reminded me of the strata in rocks so this one I call 'Strata'. I have made several rugs inspired by squares from previous Mystery Blankets and always meant to send you a photo but lockdowns have prompted me this year."
Above: 2020 Mystery Blanket, 'Our Precious Earth'.
Below: Diane's interpretations of 'Our Precious Earth' in two beautiful hand hooked rugs.
Below: A previous rug design by Diane inspired by the 2013 Mystery Blanket, 'A Nordic Adventure'.
These are truly amazing pieces of work Diane! And I am so pleased that you found so much inspiration in the Mystery Blankets. It's such a unique idea and I am sure that they looking stunning in your house. They might inspire others to pick up a hook and give it a go! 
Sue Simms from Warwickshire, UK completed her 2020 Mystery Blanket and finished it off with a beautiful lining. Doesn't it look super!
Sue says: "I finally got around to photographing my completed blanket. I lined it with a gold coloured stretch velour - it looks fantastic through the lacy bits!"
Thanks Sue, your wonderful lining might inspire others to line their blankets too. Not only does it protect and cover up the back, but I imagine that it feels soft and drapes beautifully too. Thanks for sharing!
Arlette Laufer from London, UK was thrilled to have completed her Mystery Blanket, and learnt so many knitting techniques along the way. This was a technically challenging design with lots of different stitch structures, but a fun way to practise and learn.
Arlette says: "I just wanted to let you know that I finished the blanket at last. It’s far from perfect but I am so so happy and I’ve learnt so many skills. I think my husband is most relieved I have finished the blanket as he won’t have to try and help me decipher what I am meant to do!"
I think you've done so well with this project Arlette. Mistakes are not a problem - everybody makes them! - but the most important thing is your own personal sense of achievement. And you should feel very proud of your Mystery Blanket. Onward and upward!
Helen Jackson from Burnaby, Canada has been in touch to show who has been enjoying her 2020 Mystery Blanket. First it's Missie, who featured in last year's blog when Helen knitted Winter Wonderland. She is SO cute!
Helen says: "I thought I’d send a pic of wee Missie enjoying a brief moment in the new blanket I just finished today! Got a bit delayed as I teach nursing so the last year was a bit chaotic as it has been for many. I am so excited this year as my good friend Belinda has managed to get in off the waiting list so we are both doing it this year! Her text to me yesterday was, “This project is giving me more joy than I’ve had in a long time!” Thank you again for your talent and creativity in providing us this joy. Now I can get started on this years one!"
And just as cute is Helen's 20 year old son who snuggles up under Helen's blanket when Missie isn't using it!
Helen says: "This is my “baby”, Basil who is 20, which I can’t believe - your little guy is still little but just to show you they never fully grow up! This is my third blanket and I have three kids of which he is the youngest and he thinks this one should be his as he is doing a degree in environmental science - laying his claim to it now post Super Bowl! I thought it would make you smile!"
Your Mystery Blanket is certainly being put to good use in your household Helen! And I can see it has been knitted so beautifully too. Now, who's getting your 2021 Mystery Blanket? Will it be Missie or one of your two other kids?!?...
Catherine Pope from Nottinghamshire, UK has been very busy and successfully completed lots of lovely projects over the past year. First of all she sent me these photos...
Above: 2020 Mystery Cushion, 'Orient Express' (front panel).
Below: 2020 Mystery Cushion, 'Orient Express' (back panel).
Below: 2020 Mystery Cushion meets 2016 Mystery Cushion!
Below: button detail on 'Orient Express'.
Catherine says: "I thought you’d like to see these photos of my finished Mystery Cushion which I’m delighted with. I decided not to add the pom-poms as it matches the first Mystery Cushion I completed in 2016, 'Geometric Jungle'. I got the black and white striped buttons from Bedecked."
Catherine also completed her 'Silent Night' wall-hanging...
...and her 'Hyacinth' cushion-cover in two colourways, Aqua (original) and Periwinkle...
Then she sent in photos of her 'Twinkle Twinkle' festive stocking, also in two colourways!
Catherine says: "I loved the finished stocking so much I’ve made a second with left over yarn and beads (mostly from the Silent Night wall hanging). Hope you like them!"
I do like them very much indeed Catherine! And all the other projects you have completed as well. I can't believe how many things you have knitted, plus alternative colourways for the stocking and the cushion. This is an amazing amount of work and just goes to show how much you can get done in lockdown!
Lucille Tut from London, UK was thrilled to have completed her 2020 Mystery Cushion, and she found some wonderful buttons for the back panel fastenings.
Lucille says: "I’ve attached some photos of my finished 2020 Mystery Cushion. I loved knitting it (even the sewing!) and the designs, colours, wool and beads were all great! Thank you! I ended up buying three sets of buttons before deciding on some covered with Thai fabric which matches the theme and the cushion."
Those buttons are just perfect for this cushion - what a great find Lucille! You have knitted it so beautifully and must be very pleased with it. It's great to hear that you enjoyed making it so much - even all that sewing up!
Sandra Vargas from Sturko, Sweden came on board with the Mystery Clubs a few years ago and since then has completed some wonderful projects, including her most recent achievement, 'Orient Express'!
Sandra says: "With a big hug I would like to share some pics from my 2020 Mystery Cushion. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful design. I really enjoyed the knitting process and loved the final result."
Your cushion looks brilliant Sandra, and it is great to hear that you really enjoyed knitting it. There were several different techniques in this design and you managed them all so well! It's another splendid project to add to your Mystery Club collection!
Kate Nowak from Sutton, UK has knitted many Debbie projects, and she recently completed another two. This time they were from my festive collection and were ready just in time for Christmas!
Kate says: "I thought you might like to see a picture of my finished project.
I loved making it, thank you so much for the design!"
Above: Festive Mystery Box project, 'Twinkle Twinkle'.
And then Kate finished a project that had been stowed away for some time... and this is what she had to say: "Finally finished your bunting off after two/three years! Backed with fabric which makes it hang beautifully.
Your designs are fabulous!"
It's such a good feeling to get WIPs finished off and you've made a splendid job of both of these projects Kate! Thanks for sharing them, your house must have looked so colourful and sparkly for Christmas!
Barbara Medcalf from Lancashire, UK had never knitted with lace and beads before she embarked on the 'Hyacinth' cushion cover. But look how well she's done! The project looks amazing!
Barbara says: "I love my Hyacinth Cushion! It's my first attempt at lace and beads! I thought you might be interested in a new (well new to me) method I have found of making button holes on one row only. Have you heard of it? They are much neater than the two row version. I did think they were a bit tighter but my buttons for the cushion fitted without a problem. I am now using the same method for my Mystery Cushion."
You have done so well with this project Barbara and your knitting is exquisite! It's so good to challenge yourself and learn something new and now this is another string you can add to your bow! And who knows, it could be a lace and bead sweater next for you, the world is your oyster!
Susan Hainsby from Essex, UK has been making very good use of her time in lockdown and has recently completed three Debbie projects! Not only has she knitted up some kits but she has also used her left over bits and pieces of yarn to create a bespoke project too!
Susan says: "The beads for the Autumn Bag are perfect and it's lined too, woohoo! I have also sent you a photo of this years finished Mystery Cushion and Festive Mystery Box project (just showing off, because my lockdown projects actually got finished!)
Below: 'Autumn Bag' in a bespoke colourway.
Below: 2020 Mystery Cushion, 'Orient Express'.
Below: Festive Mystery Knit Box project, 'Twinkle Twinkle'.
And this is Susan's lap rug which she created from left over yarns from an Inspired Minds workshop project...
Susan says: "I’m showing off again! Do you recognise these colours, they were from the bag workshop in 2018. I used mine & Helen's left overs to make a lap rug, pattern is courtesy of January’s’ Crochet Now magazine. I might never have made it had it not been for lockdown and so much time on my hands!"
Well done Susan! It is such an achievement to get all of these projects completed and no wonder you are so pleased! I love the lap rug, the colours are beautiful. And I bet it's so useful at the moment with the weather being so cold!
Sandy Cerato from Maryland, USA has been very creative and not only knitted some Debbie projects over the past year, but she has designed a couple of her own too! You may remember in a previous Mystery Blanket blog that she shared her Grateful Dead blanket, which was super amazing! Now she has completed another one, this time a Pokemon inspired design. Take a look, it's fabulous!
Sandy says: "This was challenging. But I think I like how it came out. Eli wanted the characters in index order. I was going to place them randomly so background colours would be scattered. If anyone is interested in doing a Pokemon afghan I would be happy to share tips for making the patterns."
And this is also Sandy's blanket which she also designed herself...
Sandy says: "This is a throw I started three years ago and just finished. It was originally a pattern for a jacket from Vogue Knitting magazine with different sized hexagons, but I converted it to this throw. What makes it so neat is the Koigu yarns. I got to do all of my pinks, purples and turquoises that I love. That's why, of all of the afghans I've done with you since 2015, your anniversary one is my favourite!"
These are fabulous designs and show just what you can do when you pull out all the stops and take on the challenge of creating your own design. They both look so complicated but must have been such a lot of fun to knit! Thanks so much for sharing these Sandy, and thanks also for the offer to share the Pokemon pattern. Anyone up for a Pokemon challenge?!?
Dara Humphries from Florida, USA is new to Debbie designs and ordered her first kit during last year's lockdown, but I think she is seriously hooked now! This is one of many projects she has completed recently...
Dara says: " Attached is my pillow with soooooo many beads but I’m happy its done!"
It's great to see that you completed this bead and lace marathon and that you are so pleased with it Dara! I know you've signed up for this year's Mystery Blanket too so I hope that you continue to enjoy all my knitting adventures!
And to finish off, here is a beautiful project by Chris from the UK who used my More Blankets and Throws To Knit book to create this stunning blanket!
Chris says: "This is the blanket I made using your books and the beads ordered earlier this year. It has 100 squares which I knitted in 100 days during the first lockdown. It has taken me since August to sew it together and sew all the buttons on."
This is a brilliant use of my book and I can see that you've mixed together different squares from several of the blankets I designed to create your own! The colours are fabulous too! I love to see knitters mixing and matching squares and am thrilled that your project was such a huge success Chris! What a brilliant lockdown project and a great use of your time. Thanks for sharing.
I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who sent in their projects to share. It has been an absolute joy and pleasure to see what you have been doing and seeing just how much has been achieved during the past twelve months. Lockdown has been difficult for everyone, but so much positivity has come out of it too with time being invested in so many amazing projects. It has been truly inspirational! Keep creating and keep happy everyone!
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Thanks to you Debbie!
Your designs are wonderful and it is a pleasure to knit them.
After the work is finish, it feels amazing to be the knitter of such a beautiful piece.


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