MBC24 correct guessers - the list so far...

MBC24 correct guessers - the list so far...

We have had a tremendous response to guessing the title of the 2024 Mystery Blanket, so thank you to everyone who has written in. We've loved hearing from!

Here is a list of everyone who has got it right so far during months 1-5.

Apologies if I have missed anyone out and, if I have omitted your name, drop me a quick email to debbie@debbieabrahams.com to let me know and I will include it in the July blog.

Here goes, A-Z...

A: Alison Slater, Alison and her son Tom Cossons, Alison Midgley, Alison Riddell, Alison Walne, Allison Kingsbury, Amanda Towl, Anna Wallis de Garay, Anne Applin, Anne Scullion, Anne Sutton

B: Barbara Edwards, Brynne Baruch

C: Caroline Evans, Catherine Pope, Chantelle Fell-Stanton, Christina Jones, Christine Thomas

D: Debra Gombert, Debs Davison, Diana King

E: Elizabeth Paterson, Elaine Phillips, Elizabeth Webber, Elsbeth Pearce, Erica Wyatt

F: Fay Lyttle, Felicity Miller

G: Gail Coles, Gillian Bridge

H: Hazel Lackie, Heidi Meier, Helen Jackson (and her friend Di)

J: Jackie Hunt, Janet Holdsworth, Jenece Robinson, Jennifer Williams, Jenny Jaeger, Jenny Kearns, Jo Boraston, Joyce Royal, Judith Bridges, Julia Green, Julie Killoran

K: Karen Douglas, Karen Johnston, Kate Wood, Kay Underhay, Kelly Symons, Kerstin Hornbostel, Kevin Brown, Kirstie Anwyl-Huges

L: Laura Lancini, Linda Carey, Linda Justice, Linda Murray, Lindsay-Brooke Hessa, Liz Horsley, Lyn Fitzsimons

M: Maggie and her daughter Nicola Fallon, Margaret Crompton, Marguerite Curran, Maria Didonna, Marie Godin, Mary Leeson, Melanie Campbell, Megan Hatfield, Melanie Makin, Myra Sharp

N: Nancy Ferrier, Nicola Farr, Nicola Faulconbridge

P: Paula Barham, Pauline Keys

R: Rachel Pettinger, Rita Dias, Rita Harris and Arlene’s family for whom Rita is knitting it for, Robin Zachary, Robyn Tommasini, Rosemary Chapman, Ruth Pease

S: Sam Berry, Sandra Lord, Sarah and her daughter Jennifer Brooks, Sheelagh Kendra, Sheila Hatfield, Sheila Jones, Shirley Simpson, Sian Bennett, Sles Scovell, Steph Prutton, Steve Booth, Sue Coleman, Susan Cumming, Susanne Ihmig

T: Tracey Maher, Trisha Harrison

V: Venita Parry.

Well done everyone on getting it right. Happy knitting!...

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