MARCH (Mail Out 2) pattern addendum alert

Unfortunately a few errors have been found in the March pattern file:

  • Square 4, Option One, Flora, page 6: Indigo is missing from the list of YARNS below the image (however it is listed correctly in the key below the chart).
  • Square 4, Option One, Flora, page 6: the suggested needle size is missing. It should read: Use the needle size used to achieve required stocking stitch tension. (The suggested size is 3.00mm (US 2/3) (UK 11) needles).
  • Square 4, Option Two, Confetti, page 9: the square should continue after Row 71 and conclude as follows:

ROW 72: repeat Row 24.

ROWS 73-76: repeat rows 1-4.

ROWS 77: repeat row 5 using Jade instead of Red.

With WS facing cast off sts purlwise using Jade yarn.

However, if you have already knitted Square 4, Option Two, Confetti and are happy to leave it as it is, then just make sure that you knit it to the same number of rows when it is repeated again later on the project so that it matches your Square 4.

We go to great efforts each month to try and ensure that there are no errors in our patterns. However, despite all efforts, some do still happen. So I apologise for the errors which have occurred this month and hope that it has not spoilt the enjoyment of your Mystery Blanket knitting.

Please note that we will be sending out a revised March file to all the members via email as soon as it has been updated, and the downloadable file on my website will also be revised. If you want to reprint these pages then you should be able to select them in "Print Ranges" on your computer.

We will also be sending out a revised March brochure which we will include with the April brochure to those members who paid for the Printed Patterns option in their package.




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