Mail Out 4, May, Square 1, Falling Leaves, chart error

It has come to my attention that there is an error in the chart for Square 1, Falling Leaves. All of the hooked in beads are in the incorrect position and should be two rows higher up (see revised chart below).

This is not only incredibly frustrating for all my members, but it is also hugely disappointing for me as I can see on the rough copies of my charts for this square that I did position the beads correctly and therefore my knitted square that you see in the image on page 6 is correct. Several revisions of this chart were done to get the rotation of the leaves and the changes to the colours of the embroidery correct, and it must have been during these rewrites of the charts that the beads were missed.

If you have not already knitted this square, then please use this revised chart.

If you have knitted this square, then these are my suggestions:

  • leave it as it is (if you didn't notice it then it probably won't worry you)
  • undo and reknit it (you will have enough of all the yarns in the kit to do this)
  • very carefully crack off the beads and sew them on, this can be done with a pair of pliers (I've done it plenty of times before myself).

If you decide to crack the beads off, then this must be done very carefully and remember that they are glass so you will need to make sure that any splinters are caught in a tissue and disposed of. I usually do this with a fine pair of pliers, taking care not to break the yarn as I remove them. Then I sew them back into place using a separate piece of matching yarn to the background colour. As the beads are hooked-in they should be positioned vertically on each stitch, but if you find it easier to sew them horizontally across the stitches, this is fine. Do whatever looks best.

I cannot apologise enough for this error and am hugely disappointed that I am having to write this message to you. But on the upside, you now have the opportunity to change it with the revised chart. And that is a decision I will leave with you.

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