Addendum for MBC20 April patterns

Addendum for MBC20 April patterns

Dear members,

I hope that you are keeping safe and well and busy with all your knitting projects.

A couple of small errors have been found in the April patterns:

  • page 13, Square 13, The Beach: the pick up instructions should read as follows: If picking up stitches, pick up and knit 43 stitches
    along the cast-off edge of Square 15 using a long tail
    of Silvery Blue yarn as follows: pick up 14 sts, pick up 1
    extra stitch, pick up 13 sts, pick up 1 extra stitch, pick
    up 14 stitches. Transfer the stitches onto the other
    needle so that the RS is facing ready to start ROW 1
    with the ball of yarn.
  • page 19, Square 45, Old Sea Wall: Rows 73-74 use Fav Denims yarn and not Pebble as stated.

I hope that this does not spoil your enjoyment of your April squares.

I wish you and your family a happy and healthy Easter,

Debbie x

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