Mystery Blanket Club 2024: post 4, May

Mystery Blanket Club 2024: post 4, May

HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE FOURTH INSTALMENT OF THE 2024 MYSTERY BLANKET CLUB! We are fast approaching the halfway point of this year’s club, and over the past few months many of the squares have been revealed. However, I have plenty more in store for you, with another five squares to knit this month.


The weather here in the UK continues to be changeable, and I can’t quite believe that it’s May and I’m still wrapping myself up in my winter coat every morning when I venture out on the school run. Things are slowly beginning to change though, and the garden is beginning to look green again after a long, cold and very wet winter. Steve made a brave move last weekend and uncovered the garden furniture. So all being good this month, I will get to sit in my garden and knit. I just can’t wait for that!

This month there is an intro vid from me, plus one new tech vid that can be viewed in this blog. And if you need to go back to any of the previous tech vids for assistance, they are all there for your perusal. You can use the list below to check which blog they are in.

  • NEW! How to knit star stitch
  • How to cast on using several colours (April blog)
  • Square 22, Lunar (Option One), how to cross over the yarns (April blog)
  • Square 1, Capricorn (Option Two) (March blog)
  • How to knit intarsia (March blog)
  • How to cable (March blog)
  • Square 8, Tranquility: Japanese short-row shaping (February blog)
  • How to carry yarns up the side of the work (February blog)
  • How to add Swiss darning to your knitting (February blog)
  • How to thread beads onto your yarn (February blog
  • How to bead, the slip-stitch method (February blog)
  • How to bead, the hooking-in method (February blog)
  • How to knit fairisle (February blog)
  • Picking up stitches to begin a new square (February blog)
  • Mattress stitch (horizontal) (February blog)

How to knit star stitch | MBC2024

ALL OF THE PARCELS CONTAINING THE SECOND PART OF YOUR KNITTING KIT HAVE NOW BEEN POSTED, so if you have not received yours yet, it is on its way to you. All of the squares in this month’s instalment do not require the new yarns, and you will already have most of the beads that are needed. So if your postie has not delivered your parcel to you yet, you can still get going on some of this month’s squares.

This second parcel completes the whole knitting kit, so you have everything you need for the whole blanket. Just make sure that you check the contents very carefully to ensure that you have all the things that are supposed to be in it. We sent you all an email a couple of weeks ago with a list of what is in the second part of the kit, but if you did not receive it then you can use the list on page 2 of your May mail out to check it instead.

We do our very best to make sure that we pack all of the kits correctly, but sometimes human error intervenes. So if anything is missing, please be sure to let us know as soon as you can, and we will send the necessary materials to you. I know that in some of the parcels the beads were tucked between the yarns to keep them safe, so this would be worth a check before you contact us. On the other hand, if you find you have something extra in your kit, then there is no need to return it to us. Just count yourself lucky!

SO WHAT’S IN THE LITTLE COLOURED ENVELOPE IN YOUR PARCEL?!? This contains your Mystery Blanket woven label which has the name of the blanket on it. So if you’ve already guessed the title it’s no problem, go ahead and open it. But if you have not guessed it and want to keep guessing, then leave it somewhere out of sight in a safe place, and don’t be tempted! Later on in this blog I will be giving you another letter clue, so it might just spark an idea that results in a correct guess. Fingers crossed...

As I mentioned in my intro vid, I will be publishing the list of all the correct guessers to date in a separate blog very soon - so many of you have guessed it correctly that it needs its own post! So keep an eye open for that in a few days’ time.

THE MAY PATTERNS HAVE BEEN SENT TO ALL THE MEMBERS, so you should find an email from us in your inbox. However, if you cannot see it then please check your Spam folder first before doing anything else as sometimes our emails end up in there. Remember that you can also download the May file and all of the other digital files from your Debbie Abrahams account on our website.

THE PRINTED PATTERNS HAVE BEEN POSTED TO THE MEMBERS WHO OPTED FOR THEM. The overseas went ahead of the UK on the 22nd April, followed by the UK on the 29th April. So if you have not received them yet, they will be with you very soon.

THERE IS ONE SMALL ADDENDUM ALERT TO TELL YOU ABOUT, IT’S FOR SQUARE 10, STARGAZER. It’s on page 7, Row 12, and it says that it is knitted using Turquoise, but it should say Turquoise Daisy. So that’s Turquoise shade 089 (the lurex on the cone), held together and knitted with Blue Daisy shade 722.

THE FOUR NEW COLOURS OF MY BESPOKE LIGHT WOOL DK WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE IN OUR ONLINE SHOP THIS MONTH. So if you opted for the pattern download only option for this blanket, or you just fancy a bit more of what is in your knitting kit, then hop over to our online store where you will find it on sale from the 3rd May, alongside the other five shades that are already in ouor shop, Tide, Uranus, Neptune, Utopia and Serenity.


Above: Spellbound (shade 040).

Above: Jupiter (shade 041).

Above: Sublime (shade 042).

Above: Euphoria (shade 043).

Take advantage of our special bundle-buys where you can purchase any of my Light Wool DK and my Merino Light DK at a discounted price. Happy yarn shopping everyone!

IF YOU’VE NOT GOT ROUND TO SIGNING UP TO MY 2024 MYSTERY CUSHION CLUB YET, THEN THERE IS STILL TIME TO JOIN. Knitters across the globe are invited to jump on board and join me for my next ‘mystery’ KAL. All the fun and excitement begins on 14th June – so there’s not long to go now before the first set of patterns are launched!

Mystery Blanket Club members receive a 5% discount off the cost of the Mystery Cushion membership, and it’s super easy to claim your discount. Simply input LOYALTY5 into the coupon box at checkout, and bingo! – the discount will be applied to the cost of the membership.

Above: a glimpse of some of the colours in the 2024 Mystery Cushion.

I’ve got a fabulous, colourful project in store for you this year! And in case you’ve missed our emails and social media posts about it, here is a reminder of what the 2024 Mystery Cushion Club is all about…

Over five fun-packed months of inspirational knitting using some of Rowan’s finest and most luxurious yarns including Alpaca Soft DK and Felted Tweed, you will have the opportunity to create your very own Mystery Cushion.

If you’re new to the Mystery Cushion Club then it’s a smaller project than the blanket, beginning on 14th June and finishing mid-October.  The theme is different to the Mystery Blanket, but it works in the same way with a knitting kit sent to members at the beginning of the project and monthly emailed patterns. I write a separate blog for the Mystery Cushion which includes knitting technique videos, so you can get all the help and support you need as you knit along.

The knitting kit includes Rowan yarn, Debbie Abrahams Light Wool DK, Debbie Abrahams Beads and buttons for fastening.

So what about some hints?!? If you like rich Autumnal colours with a hint of Vintage, then this could be the cushion you’ve always dreamed of knitting! Bold motifs are mixed with simple stripes and textured stitches, finished off with a sprinkling of sparkling beads and bronze stud details. The theme has several different strands to it, including a nod to one of the great masters of 20th century art…now there’s food for thought!

There will be a download option only (no knitting kit) for this club, which will enable you to use yarns and beads from your own stash to knit the cushion. The list of yarns and beads for the knitting kit will be released a week before the project begins so you can get yourself prepped and ready. The five sets of patterns will be emailed monthly from June to October.

To make things easier you can choose to spread the cost of your payment. If you don’t want to pay in one go you have the option to pay in 2-4 instalments using our Splitit payment plan. There are no admin fees for splitting your payment so you can choose whatever is easiest for you and your finances. This can only be used for purchases over £75, so it excludes the pattern download only option, unless you add something else to your order.

Feeling tempted?!? As with all my Mystery Clubs, memberships are limited and once they have sold out the Club will be closed. So don’t delay in getting yourself signed up. There are packages for UK, Europe and the World - it’s a global project and everyone is invited to join in!

IF YOU DIDN’T SIGN UP TO THE 2023/24 MYSTERY BABY BLANKET CLUB, THEN THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT THE KIT FOR THIS PROJECT WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE VERY SOON IN OUR ONLINE STORE!  So if you know someone who is getting ready to welcome a new baby into the world, or you are looking forward to your own new little one, then there’s no better time than now to get yourself prepped and ready for this wonderful occasion.

We will be launching pre-orders for this kit within the next couple of weeks, with the kits shipped at the beginning of June.

The blanket is called ‘Now I Know My ABC’s’ and features all twenty-six letters of the alphabet in a mixture of picture knits and intarsia and fairisle letters. So not only is it a beautifully soft and cosy blanket to wrap baby up in, but it also doubles up as fabulous learning tool!

It is knitted in Rowan Baby Cashsoft Merino, which is a mixture of merino wool, acrylic microfiber and cashmere. It is beautifully soft and has a luxurious handle, making it the perfect choice for a baby blanket. It is machine washable.

There are two colour options to choose from. The base palette includes soft green, camel, butter yellow, taupe, cream and faded denim, and to complete it there is a choice of either Grey/Silver or Pink/Rose.

Above: Grey/Silver colourway.

Below: Pink/Rose colourway.

The blanket design includes the techniques of intarsia, fairisle, lace, textured stitches and stripes, offering you an exciting variety of squares to knit up over seven instalments. (There will be no beads or embellishments in this blanket). You will receive the seven instalments all in one go by email, but if you prefer to work from a hard copy, there will be the option to add the seven printed brochures to your order for an additional cost.

If you would prefer to pay in instalments for your kit you can use our online payment system Splitit, which enables you to make your payment over two, three or four months - you choose what suits you best. Simply select this option at checkout when you make your first payment and then your remaining payments will be taken automatically from your account. It’s that easy!

If you are interested in this kit, then keep an eye on your inbox for an email from us in a couple of weeks time. As soon as we launch the pre-orders for it we will be sure to let you know so that you can order your kit and get knitting!

THERE’S JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS LEFT OF OUR COWL KNITTING KIT PROMOTION, WITH OUR FRAGGLE ROCK COWL AND SNOWFLAKE NECK COSY AVAILABLE TO BUY AT 10% DISCOUNT. Our offer expires on the 3rd May, so you’ll need to be quick if you fancy grabbing yourself a bargain!

The original version of Fraggle Rock has been recoloured and redesigned in black, white and grey to create a soft and cosy accessory which can be worn with casual dress in the daytime or added to evening wear.

And if you fancy spicing it up, then opt for the kit with neon yellow embroidery to add a zesty zing to your cowl!

Alternatively you can opt for the original colourway, knitted in soft shades of blue, stone and cream.

The Fraggle Rock Cowl uses the technique of Japanese short-row shaping which is combined with a sprinkling of sparkly and opaque beads. It is fastened by six buttons and can be worn in several different ways, making it a super stylish accessory for your daytime or evening wear.

This kit includes Rowan Alpaca Soft DK, Debbie Abrahams Beads, six buttons and pattern instructions.

Or you might prefer our Snowflake Neck Cosy, knitted in the round with fairisle snowflakes in muted shades of icy blue and a sprinkling of matte and sparkly beads. It’s a gloriously soft fashion accessory that will keep you warm and cosy on cooler days or evenings when you need something to pop under your coat to keep you warm.

This kit includes Rowan Alpaca Soft DK, Rowan Felted Tweed, Debbie Abrahams Beads and pattern instructions. 

All of these kits are available to buy at 10% discount until 3rd May, so why not pop on over to our online store and order yours today!?!

EVEN THOUGH THE TITLE OF THE MYSTERY BLANKET HAS BEEN GUESSED BY MANY OF YOU, it still remains a mystery for some. So if you’re still trying to guess what it is, here is another letter to help you.

This month the letter I am giving you is “S”:

_  _  ‘  S  / _  R  _  _  _  E  N  /  _  N  /  _  _  E  /  S  _  _  R  S

The names of the squares are also a big clue to the title, so if you’re still pondering over what it could be, take a look at what you’ve been sent so far, and you might just get one of those lightbulb moments! And if you do, be sure to write in and let us know:


Square 10, Stargazer – textured stripe pattern (same for both options):

Square 23, Starry Starry Night – textured stripe pattern with hooked-in beads (same for both options):

Square 24, Tranquility 3 – multi-coloured wave pattern using Japanese short-row shaping (same for both options):

Square 43, Virgo (Option One) – intarsia zodiac motif:

Square 43, Virgo (Option Two) – textured stripe pattern with hooked-in beads:

Square 44, Cosmic 2 – textured stripe pattern (same for both options):

On each pattern page there is a list of Pattern notes and tips that are worth reading before you start to knit each square. These bits of advice will help you and give pre-warnings as to what to look out for in the pattern instructions. Also take note of the description under the title of each square as this tells you what the stitch structure is.

You can use the tech vids to help you knit your squares. But here are a few extra tips to assist you:

SQUARE 10, STARGAZER: this textured pattern in five colours is what everyone is going to knit this month as there is no alternative option for it. Worked over a two-row repeat, it’s an interesting but easy-to-knit start to the month.

Videos to watch for assistance with this square:

  • Picking up stitches to begin a new square (February blog)
  • Mattress stitch (horizontal) (February blog)
  • NEW! How to knit star stitch
  • How to carry yarns up the side of the work (February blog)

Before starting to knit this square, it is advisable to watch the new tech vid this month called ‘How to knit star stitch’. There are only two rows to the repeat, but the colours rotate over eight rows. My demo shows you how to knit a wrong-side row and a right-side row.

There are a lot of colour changes in this square which means a lot of loose ends, so I have advised in the Pattern notes and tips on page 6 of your May mail out to carry Uranus and Tide up the side of the work when not in use. It is probably not a good idea to carry all five yarns up the side of the work as the edge would get extremely bulky. So I would advise to cut off the other three yarns and rejoin them as and when needed.

Yarns are changed over at the beginning of all WS rows, and this is the row in the repeat where most of the work takes place. The little ‘stars’ are created by P3tog (a double decrease), yrn (which is an increase of one stitch), followed by P3tog again into the same stitches (which creates another increase). Therefore, the two decreases for each star are balanced out by the two increases, resulting in each row finishing with the same number of stitches that it started with.

Just take extra care on this row to remember to P1 between each star, as instructed in the pattern. Once you get going and are more familiar with the pattern and therefore possibly quicker at knitting it, it is easy to forget this P1 – I did several times!

After every wrong-side row, all of the stitches are knitted on the following right-side row. So although this is a nice easy row to knit, watch out for the clusters of three stitches as it is very easy to knit two of the three stitches together by mistake. I also did this a few times and had to rip the row back. So if you keep your eyes firmly on your stitches, hopefully you won’t have to back pedal like me!

SQUARE 23, STARRY STARRY NIGHT: this pattern may look familiar to you if you’ve opted for some of the Option Two squares in this year’s blanket. It’s a variation of Capricorn, but it uses different colours and has a different beading sequence.

Videos to watch for assistance with this square:

  • Picking up stitches to begin a new square (February blog)
  • Mattress stitch (horizontal) (February blog)
  • Square 1, Capricorn (Option Two) (March blog)
  • How to carry yarns up the side of the work (February blog)
  • How to bead, the hooking-in method (February blog)

If you need some guidance as how to knit this square, then the tech vid from the March blog for Capricorn (Option Two) is worth a look. Some of the members who knitted this square found themselves in a pickle with the wrong-side rows where stitches are passed over and off the needle. So make sure that you read this instruction very carefully and follow what it says. And if in doubt, watch the vid.

The pattern has a variable stitch count, so at the end of each row it is noted how many stitches you should have. It would be a good idea to regularly count your stitches – at the end of every row is advisable – to ensure that you have the correct number on your needle.

After the cast-on and first couple of rows (before the row numbers begin), there is a change to a smaller size needle (3.25mm). This needle is used for the whole square, apart from the cast-off row which reverts back to the main needle size (3.50mm).

Once you are underway with this square, if you can remember to change colour every two rows, after a few repeats the pattern should become familiar to you and therefore easier to knit.

SQUARE 24, TRANQUILITY 3: this is similar to squares 8 and 36, but it has no embroidery on it. Instead the thin outlines on some of the lozenge shapes are knitted in.

Videos to watch for assistance with this square:

  • Picking up stitches to begin a new square (February blog)
  • Mattress stitch (horizontal) (February blog)
  • Square 8, Tranquility: Japanese short-row shaping (February blog)
  • How to carry yarns up the side of the work (February blog)

If you need a reminder of Japanese short-rows then my tech vid for this in the February blog is there to guide you through the technique. It’s worth a look as it demonstrates how to turn the work, attach a marker, remove a marker and close a gap.

Remember when working the stitch after you’ve attached a marker, hold the marker against the work and knit/purl the next stitch firmly so that the marker sits tight against the work.

When you remove the marker, pull firmly on the loop and make sure that it is not twisted as you place it on the left needle.

Remember to wind your Silver Lurex and Ghost yarns onto two separate bobbins and then you will find them much easier to knit with.

If you look closely at the image above, you will see that there a single row of Serenity along the top of the Silver Ghost lozenges. It is knitted in on Rows 19 and 45. It is very subtle and could go unnoticed when looking at the image. But it is there to gently lead you from the greens and blues into the purple section of the blanket.

SQUARE 43, VIRGO (Option One): this is the second large intarsia zodiac motif in the blanket and mirrors the look of the square that sits opposite it, Square 1, Capricorn.

Videos to watch for assistance with this square:

  • How to knit intarsia (March blog)

I would advise that you choose the same option that you chose for Square 1. Ultimately the decision is up to you, but to keep the overall design balanced, this is what I would suggest you do.

The whole of this square is worked from a chart which you will find on page 15 of your May mail out. When I knitted this square I used yarn bobbins which I find help my knitting stay organised whilst keeping me sane! I used four bobbins of Utopia plus the ball, casting on with the ball and then introducing the four bobbins of Utopia when needed. And I used four bobbins of Sapphire.

Basically the rule for intarsia is to keep the fabric single thickness with no - or very little and only when necessary - carrying across of yarns at the back of the work. It might be very tempting to carry the yarns across the back, but I warn against doing this as it will result in the work puckering and looking very uneven. And not only this, but you will use up a lot more yarn and risk running short of both colours. So it’s single thickness all the way!

If you need a reminder of how to knit intarsia then the tech vid in the March blog is there to assist you.

SQUARE 43, VIRGO (Option Two): this is the easier alternative and replaces intarsia with an all-over lacy stitch with hooked-in beads.

Videos to watch for assistance with this square:

  • Square 1, Capricorn (Option Two) (March blog)
  • How to carry yarns up the side of the work (February blog)
  • How to bead, the hooking-in method (February blog)

This is exactly the same as Square 1, Capricorn. It uses Neptune and Utopia in an eight-row pattern repeat. There are Indigo and Teal hooked-in beads in it which alternate across each beaded row. So watch out as these are difficult to see in the image of the square (see below). The whole of this pattern is worded, so as long as you follow each row carefully and pick up the correct colour beads when instructed, you should be fine.

If you decide to knit Starry Starry Night before you knit this square, then you will notice that this pattern is very similar to it, but the bead sequence is different, and it uses different colour yarns and beads. So you can follow the same advice that I’ve given above for Square 23 about changing needle size after the first couple of rows and the variable stitch count. And remember that the tech vid for Capricorn, Option Two from the March blog is also there for you to reference if you need a helping hand.

SQUARE 44, COSMIC 2: this is similar to Square 2, which sits on the opposite side of the blanket to it. It uses the same colours, two of which have been swapped round to create this alternative version.

Videos to watch for assistance with this square:

  • Picking up stitches to begin a new square (February blog)
  • Mattress stitch (horizontal) (February blog)
  • Square 1, Capricorn (Option Two) (March blog)

This square combines stocking stitch stripes with the textured lacey pattern of Capricorn, Option Two, and Starry Starry Night, but without the hooked-in beads. It is almost the same as Square 2, Cosmic, but Cream and Baby Blue have been swapped with each other.

Because of the difference in tension between these two stitch structures, there are regular changes to the needle sizes throughout the pattern, which are noted in bold in the instructions. These changes are important to maintain an even width of knitting as the textured lacy stitch knits up to a looser tension than stocking stitch.

It is not advisable to carry yarns up the side of the work as there are too many rows between them. Instead I have instructed them to be cut off, but if you can, weave in the loose ends as you go to save darning them in later.

ON THE FIRST WEDNESDAY IN APRIL A BUNCH OF US MET UP AT DOREEN’S LOVELY KNITTING SHOP, YARN LOFT IN CARRINGTON, FOR A MYSTERY BLANKET MEETING. I was joined by Alison Riddell, Claire Goode, Mary Leeson, Catherine Pope, Michelle Lally and Carol Williams. We enjoyed a couple of hours together of lively chatting and knitting, while Doreen looked after us with hot drinks and biscuits.

It's always great fun to get together at Doreen’s shop, and it’s a good way to get any queries sorted out and problems solved. The ladies are always very willing to share their tips and advice with each other, with lots of useful information being passed around the group, alongside the usual happy banter. It’s wonderful to see everyone so motivated to knit their squares, spurred on by the progress being made by the person sitting next to them!

Yarn Loft is at 118 Hucknall Road, Carrington, Nottingham, tel number 07825 702433, website: Our next meetings are on Wednesday 1st May and Wednesday 5th June. If you are able to join us, then do pop down. It would be lovely to see you.

To cover the costs of hosting the meeting there is a small sub to pay (£3.00), which can be paid in cash to Doreen on the day.

IF YOU SIGNED UP FOR THE 2023 MYSTERY BLANKET, THE ENCHANTED FOREST, BUT DID NOT KNIT IT, THEN LET US KNOW as we have been contacted by someone who is very keen to purchase this kit. It needs to be the full kit with all the materials unused. If you can help with this then please let Sue know and she will put you in contact with the prospective buyer:


If you are not already a Ravelry member, then it is very easy (and free!) to join. Just follow the instructions on their website:

The Debbie Abrahams Mystery Knitters group on Facebook is another fun way to keep in touch with other members. It was set up a couple of years ago and has grown in size to over 500 members, so that’s well worth joining too.

We also have our own Facebook page where you will find regular updates on everything we are doing from knitting kits to workshops and events!

Instagram: debbieabrahams_knitting

Pinterest: debbieabrahams@debbieabrahamsk

Facebook: Debbie Abrahams Mystery Knitters

Facebook: Debbie Abrahams Handknits

Ravelry: Debbie Abrahams Handknits

AND FINALLY, IT’S TIME TO FIND OUT WHO THE WINNER IS OF THE FOURTH 2024 MYSTERY BLANKET CLUB PRIZE DRAW!!! Each month a member is picked at random to win a Debbie Abrahams prize. So it is worth reading right the way to the end of each blog to see if you are that lucky member!

PRIZE DRAW FOUR (MAY): this month’s winner is member 75, Anne Sampson from Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, UK. Well done Anne! Please choose a prize from the following selection:

  • Your choice of one of Debbie’s knitting kits up to the value of £30.00 (take a look at them in our online store).
  • Six packs of Debbie Abrahams Beads (size 8/0 or 6/0) from the selection on
  • A £30 voucher towards a Debbie Abrahams Mystery Club membership: 2024 Mystery Cushion Club or 2025 Mystery Blanket Club.
  • A Mystery bag of five gifts!

We will notify Anne to let her know the good news!

So that's it for this month. I am going to sign off now and leave you to make a start on your May squares. In a couple of weeks time I will be packing my suitcase and preparing to go to The Watermill in Posara in Italy to tutor a knitting holiday. A few of my lovely Mystery Blanket Club members will be joining me there for a week of relaxing knitting in the warm Italian sunshine, so I wish you safe travels and I'll see you there soon! I'll be sure to take lots of pics and will let you know how it all goes in the next blog, along with all the latest Mystery Blanket Club news. In the meantime, I wish you many happy hours of knitting and look forward to our next meeting back here at the beginning of June. Have fun everyone! Debbie x

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