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Yarn Packs (8x 50g Balls)

Yarn Packs (8x 50g Balls)

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Each pack contains 8 balls of Debbie's limited edition Rowan Cotton Glacé yarn. They are perfect for making all sorts of home and fashion accessories - knitted or crocheted - and provide you with a ready-made palette in four beautiful colorways.

Each Yarn Pack is being offered at a price of £24.00 (just £3.00 per ball) plus free worldwide shipping. Debbie's Glace Cotton Colours can also be purchased as single 50g balls.

Yarn Pack Options

Mixed Bag 1 ball each of Lilac, Candy, Rich Red, Jaffa, Emerald, Lime, Jade and Sky
Another Mixed Bag 1 ball each of Lilac, Sky, Moss Green, Jade, Candy, Pale Blue, Lime and Jaffa
Going Green 2 balls each of Emerald, Jade, Moss Green and Lime
All About Autumn 2 balls each of Moss Green, Lime Green, Sienna and Jaffa
Baby Bliss 2 balls each of Lilac, Candy, Sky and Jade
Candy Girl 4 balls each of Candy and Lilac
Oh Boy! 4 balls each of Sky and Pale Blue
In The Pink 8 balls of Candy
Festive Fix 2 balls each of Jaffa, Rich Red, Emerald and Lime

Please note: Yarn Packs are sold as seen and cannot be changed.

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