Member's Gallery!

Member's Gallery!

Hello and welcome to the Debbie Abrahams Member's Gallery!

It's been another fabulous year for knitting Debbie Abrahams projects, and over the past few weeks I have received some lovely photos and stories about your achievements. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has contributed to this blog. It is always an absolute pleasure to see what you have been spending your time on during the past twelve months.

So now I'd like to hand over to my lovely members and share with you their beautiful projects...

And I begin with Caroline Fertleman from London, UK, who was the first member to send in a photo of her completed Winter Wonderland Mystery Blanket. Caroline took her blanket to India to complete it, so it's had a very eventful life so far!

Caroline says: "Here is my blanket being blocked in Pushkar! I am so very pleased with it. It is even chilly enough in the evening to use it. Thank you!"

June McBain from Edinburgh, UK was very pleased to have completed her twelfth Mystery Blanket (she's done them all!). And once again she's knitted it to perfection:

June says: "My 2019 blanket is finished! Thank you so much for designing such an amazing blanket. Now for 2020!"

Phillipa Mackie from Uhwiesen, Switzerland added a lining to her lovely Winter Wonderland blanket, and I think it finishes it off beautifully!

Phillipa says: "I’ve finished! - although no Swiss darning on my reindeer or Christmas trees - I forgot! Also, my combination of Option One and Two got a bit mixed up! However I am delighted with my first effort and I also lined it. The border took forever! But I am looking forward to the next mystery!"

Anne Henderson from Cambridge, UK not only knitted Winter Wonderland, but she used up her left over yarns to knit some Snowflake Mitts too!

Anne says: "I just thought I’d show you my finished blanket & mitts! A great present for my daughter and a lovely colour scheme, a great use of spare yarn and quick enough to make in time for Christmas. I decided to add the thumbs as my daughter only has little hands and they get very cold!"

Liz Bishop from Herne Bay in Kent, UK was also inspired to use up her left over yarns from a couple of her Mystery Blankets and knitted several pairs of the Snowflake Mitts for New Year presents in these stunning colourways:

Liz says: "I thought you might like to see the four pairs of mitts I have knitted from the left overs of this year’s Mystery Blanket and 2017 Mystery Blanket yarn and beads, with one ball of red purchased. I am giving them to friends for their Hogmanay gift tomorrow night. Thank you for the pattern that triggered the idea!"

Linda Carey from Stamford Bridge, York, UK was super pleased with her Winter Wonderland blanket, and had the perfect place for it as soon as it was completed:

Linda says: "I've just completed my blanket and am absolutely thrilled with the result! Look how gorgeous it looks on my bed ... thank you so much for such a beautifully designed blanket - no doubt this will become a lovely heirloom! Looking forward to my next exciting Mystery Blanket 2020!"

Kelly Symons from Alexander, Arizona, USA has knitted several Mystery Blankets, but it looks as if this one may well be one of her favourites!

Kelly says: I just wanted to thank you for last years blanket, I just love it! I just completed it this past weekend. I had my heart set on a snowflake for the center, but that is the only time I strayed from this stunning design.

My eighty-year old mom fell in love with it too, so I was lucky enough to purchase a kit for her. She will be knitting Option Two. She is more than excited!

Thank you again for a year's worth of beautiful knitting."

Judi Klahre-Parker from Sheffield, UK was a bit uncertain at the beginning whether this was the project for her, but as you can see from her comments below that she is now loving the design (as is her cat!), and is eager to get the blanket completed. And is that the 2017 Mystery Blanket I can see draped over your sofa Judi?!?:

Judi says: "I am just nearing the completion of my Mystery Blanket. Having completed the two side edgings, I just laid it out on the sofa to position the centre panel .....and I am just awestruck!!! It is amazing! I dare to say that when I have knitted it...but it is after all your fantastic design which deserves the merit, really beautiful - I can only thank you!

It has been such a joy knitting it month by month, but you only realise the splendour — the mystery at the end! I have to admit, this being my third blanket, that when I first opened the parcel at the beginning to reveal the yarns I was not too enthusiastic, (I even thought it might be a bit boring!) However, I take that all back now as I look at this wonder on my sofa. I can’t wait to complete it now.

Thank you, thank you Debbie!"

Lucille Tut from London, UK has also been sharing her Mystery Blanket with her cat, Wiggy! And they both look delighted with the result. Lucille has also been making use of her left over yarns but from the 2018 Mystery Blanket 'Casa Battlo'. I think you've created an amazing and inspirational cushion Lucille!

Lucille says: "I’ve finally finished my Winter Wonderland blanket and I am thrilled with it! The colour and designs are so beautiful, especially with the sparkly beading and silver yarn, and it’s so cosy! It was the first time I had knitted anything with Fairisle and once I got to grips with the over and under yarns and stranding & weaving I loved it and found it easier than I thought it would be. Thank you so much creating this wonderful blanket and regular blogs and advice. As always, I found the whole project so enjoyable and couldn’t wait for the new pattern every month.

As with my 2018 blanket I managed to make a small mistake in one of the squares that I didn’t notice until the final row of the square so, despite cursing myself, I left it. I don’t suppose anyone else will spot the cable twist facing the wrong way and it will make the blanket unique to me.

This is probably the one and only time my cat, Wiggy, will be allowed to walk over the blanket as her claws are rather sharp!

I’ve also included a photo of a cushion cover I made from the Option Two squares and left over wool from the 2018 blanket."

Sylvia Borrows from Potters Bar, Enfield, UK is delighted to have completed two of her Mystery Blanket projects - Winter Wonderland and Casa Battlo. She found some beautiful lining fabric to complement the designs and finished them off beautifully with it. She also found time to knit up some Snowflake Mitts - you have been busy Sylvia!

Sylvia says: "These are photos of the last two years Mystery Blankets, I found some fabulous snowflake flannel to back Winter Wonderland and a Kaffe Fassett fabric that complements the 2018 blanket.

Loved the mittens pattern and made three pairs!

Looking forward to the 2020 blanket!"

Helen Jackson from Burnaby in British Columbia, Canada sent in some photos last year of her gorgeous dachshund Missie who was very interested in the progress of her Winter Wonderland blanket. Well this time it's Sammy her gorgeous pussycat who has taken an interest in it and, like Helen, cannot wait for it to be completed!

Helen says: "If it’s not Missie the dachshund it’s Sammy one of my cats interfering with trying to finish my blanket!!! My new instalment arrived today so I’m in a panic!!! Thought I’d share with you why I’m behind schedule!"

Kerry Bloodworth from Nottingham, UK always likes to make good use of her left over yarns from the Mystery Blankets. So this time she went for a cushion, inspired by the Flowers design in my 25 Cushions To Knit book. What an amazing design you have come up with Kerry, and such a good use of all those left over bits and pieces:

Kerry says: "Just to let you know that I’ve completed the 2019 Mystery Cushion and Mystery Blanket. As with last year I wanted to use up the remaining yarn from the Mystery Blanket as the colours are so lovely.

I came across one of your old books and from the remaining wool I’ve managed to knit this cushion. The blanket and the cushion look fabulous together.

I’m now looking forward to this years blanket!

Philippa Mackie from Uhwiesen, Switzerland who featured earlier on in this blog also knitted the 2019 Mystery Cushion and made a tremendous job of it - this was a tricky design with lots and lots of beading and fairisle too. So well done for getting both your Mystery projects completed!

Philippa says: "As we say in this area..... endlich!"

Caroline Evans from London, UK was very busy before Christmas making Mini Christmas Stockings from the kit she bought from our website. The original colours were the traditional red, cream and green, but Caroline decided to re-colour them in a deep navy blue and cream I think they look amazing. And I just love those mini pom-poms!

Caroline says: "Here are a few pics of my blue phase of stocking knitting which I have hung up on the bannisters - just in time for Christmas!

I made some pom-poms with the newly discovered (by me) method of using a fork!

I am loving making these but have just run out of wool so I’m going to have to do some other knitting for the next few days. Don’t worry, I have plenty to be getting on with!"

And finally, Sue Bartlett and her husband Peter from Congleton, Cheshire, UK joined me at the Inspired Minds workshop in Bournemouth in December and with great enthusiasm she embraced the festive project I designed for the event. Here is her beautifully knitted Silent Night wall-hanging, ready in time for the big day!

Sue says: "We are just about ready for the trip south on Saturday for our Christmas visits. The car will be sagging under all the stuff going down!! One thing that won’t be leaving here is the wall hanging, completed last weekend and hanging in our lounge. Really pleased with the final result!"

Thank you to everyone who has sent in their photos of their projects. It just shows that 2019 was a hugely successful year for so many of you who knitted up my projects, and it is overwhelming to see how much talent and skill you all have! And with the brand new 2020 Mystery Blanket Club just about to begin, I can't wait to see what you achieve this year! Keep in touch, Debbie x

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