Why join the club?

  • The blanket is unique and a mystery!

    Each year a new blanket made up from forty-nine squares is designed which is exclusively available to members only.

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    All materials and patterns are provided

    Every member receives a kit containing everything that is required to knit the whole blanket.

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    Learn new knitting styles and techniques

    A dedicated blog and tech vids give constant online support throughout the project.

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    Join over 500 members worldwide

    Knitters from all over the world are invited to take part, creating a fun global knitting community.

How does it work?

Step 1

We provide all the materials

Receive parcels containing balls of premium quality yarn and embellishments. You can also join using your own materials.

Step 2

Receive 10 sets of patterns to knit squares each month

You'll be sent monthly patterns to knit your squares. Some squares come with two options, depending on which you prefer.

Step 3

Build a unique mystery blanket

The mystery is that you won’t be told the theme of the project, so part of the fun is to discover this while you are knitting it up!

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Words from members

  • "I’m so pleased with the result"

    "Here is my Mystery Blanket that I finished just before Christmas. This is the biggest knitting project I’ve done and I’m so pleased with the result. As a first time member of the Mystery Blanket Club I’ve really enjoyed the whole process of building a blanket square by square and learning new techniques along the way. Thanks so much for all the help and advice and creating such a beautiful blanket. I’m really looking forward to the next mystery blanket starting in February!"

    Lucille, UK

  • "It was a beautiful journey all year long"

    “Thank you for such a beautiful blanket! I think it is a truly inspired design. I love, love, LOVE the beads and all the sparkle! It is hard to pick a favourite square between the little beaded swags, the tiny cables, sparkly yarn and rhinestones… it was a beautiful journey all year long. This blanket will go to live in Oklahoma with my mom, and I am proud to give it to her. She is excited too, she often called to make sure I was knitting! Thank you again for the beautiful design, I am in love with it.”

    Kelly, USA

  • "I feel very proud of what I’ve achieved"

    “I’ve finished my awesome Picnic blanket! My friends have been celebrating my beautiful blanket and I feel very proud of what I’ve achieved. I am feeling blessed and grateful for this wonderful project I knitted with your inspiration!”

    Ximena, Chile

  • "What an accomplishment!"

    From Helen's partner: "My partner has just now finished this work of art. I have been watching her create this masterpiece over the past year. What an accomplishment!"

    Helen, Canada

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  • "I enjoyed knitting the squares"

    "Just letting you know that I've finished Nordic Adventure - hooray! I enjoyed knitting the squares, but my most favourite is the beaded star - such a simple technique, one colour stocking stitch plus hooked-in beads, but so effective.

    Vivian, UK

  • "I am just awestruck! It is amazing!"

    "I am just nearing the completion of my Mystery Blanket. Having completed the two side edgings, I have just laid it out on the sofa to position the centre panel... and I am just awestruck! It is amazing! It has been such a joy knitting it month by month, but you only realise the splendour — the mystery at the end! Thank you, thank you Debbie!"

    Judi, UK

  • "I enjoyed it thoroughly"

    "I have just completed my first Mystery Blanket. I enjoyed it thoroughly, thanks a million for all the moments of discovery through 2018. I discovered the great pleasure in blankets while knitting your Flower Power blanket which I finished in 2017. My blanket knitting goes on, I'm also knitting your Mosaic blanket, a request from one of my four sons, and I have signed up for Mystery 2019!"

    Evelyn, UK

  • "I love the yarn, the colours, the design"

    "I've just finished the 2020 blanket this morning. What a masterpiece this one is! I find it incredible that a designer can design such a unique piece and that five-hundred knitters from around the world have been able to recreate it! I love everything about this blanket, I love the yarn, the colours, the design, even the borders! I was so grateful for this project over the last ten months, it gave hope and focus to an otherwise chaotic situation."

    Gail, UK

  • "Blanket knitting is a wonderful way of relaxing"

    “Alongside my lovely Mystery Blanket I have used almost all my bits of left over wool to make a parallel blanket. I only needed to buy some of your beads and the metallic thread. As I gave my Mystery Blanket away as a present, I am really pleased to have this one to save on my energy bills! Blanket knitting is a wonderful way of relaxing and being productive. Like growing vegetables!”

    Margaret, UK

  • "Absolutely thrilled with the result!"

    "I've just completed my blanket and am absolutely thrilled with the result! Look how gorgeous it looks on my bed... thank you so much for such a beautifully designed blanket - no doubt this will become a lovely heirloom! Looking forward to my next exciting Mystery Blanket 2020!"

    Linda, UK

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What are the Mystery Knitting Clubs about?

The Mystery Knitting Clubs are unique projects that are split across a number of months. Both the blankets and cushions are constructed from individually knitted squares that are assembled together to create a finished block.

The mystery is that you won’t be told the theme of the project, so part of the fun is to discover this while you are knitting it up! The Mystery Blanket and Mystery Cushion designs will not be published or re-produced in other form, so you will be part of a very special one-off project.

How many months will each club run for?

The Mystery Blanket Club begins on 1st February and runs for 10 months. The knitting kit is sent in two parcels: February and May.

The Mystery Cushion Club begins on 14th June and runs for 5 months. The knitting kit is sent in one parcel at the beginning of the project.

The Mystery Baby Blanket Club begins on 1st October and runs for 7 months. The knitting kit is sent in one parcel at the beginning of the project.

Patterns for the Mystery Blanket and Mystery Baby Blanket are sent monthly by email on the 1st of the month, and the Mystery Cushion patterns are sent on the 15th of the month. There is also an option to have printed paperwork which is posted to members each month and for which there is an extra cost.

How do I subscribe to a Mystery Knitting Club?

Membership is strictly on a first-come-first-served basis and there are a limited number of places in the club. So once applications for the Club are open it is best to sign up as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment.

When applications are open you can purchase your membership in Debbie’s online shop and make your payment using a debit or credit card or Paypal. Then all you need to do is sit back and wait for your first package to arrive.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes! You can pay for any of the Mystery Clubs in your choice of 2-4 instalments using our payment platform, Splitit.

Just select to pay in monthly instalments during the checkout.

Do I get a discount for being a Mystery Blanket Club member?

If you are a member of the current Mystery Blanket or Mystery Baby Blanket Club, you are entitled to a 5% discount off the price of the 2024 Mystery Cushion Club

Members will be given a unique code for this which will need to be added to the coupon box at checkout.

Please note that there is no discount for the Mystery Blanket Club membership for being a Mystery Cushion Club or a Mystery Baby Blanket member.

How will the parcels be sent to me?

Parcels are sent to UK members by Royal Mail. Overseas parcels are sent by International Tracked Delivery.

There is an option for UK customers to have Special Delivery (guaranteed next day delivery), for which there is an extra cost.

Tracked Delivery is mandatory for all overseas customers and is included in the price of the membership.

What will be included in my materials parcel?

Your parcel(s) will include enough yarn and embellishments to knit up the whole blanket or cushion. If you have any left over, it is very important that you keep it safe because you will need it for other squares later on in the project.

Can I purchase the patterns separately without a knitting kit?

Yes, you can by choosing the Download Patterns option (if available) when placing your order. This will enable you to use yarn and beads from your own stash to knit the project.

The list of yarns and beads for the first part of the kit will not be released until a couple of weeks before the project begins.

Can you give me any clues as to what the theme is going to be?

It is important that the theme of the clubs are kept a 'mystery' until you guess it yourself! However, in my promotional material for each Club I give an indication of the colour palette and a list of the yarns used in the project.

But what if I am a novice knitter? Can I still join the club and successfully complete the project?

There are two options given for the Mystery Blanket and everyone is sent the pattern instructions for both options.

Most of the squares are the same for both options, but when there is a choice it is clearly stated.

Option one includes textured stitches like cables and knit and purl stitch patterns, intarsia colour work, fairisle colour work, stripes and some beading.

Option two includes all of the above, but any fairisle and intarsia squares are replaced by either stripes, beaded or textured designs.

There is only one option for the Mystery Cushion with no alternative squares to knit.
There are two options for the Mystery Baby Blanket Club offering a choice of two colourways, either Grey/Silver or Rose/Candy.

What if I get stuck and need some advice?

Debbie writes a monthly blog on her website for each of her Mystery clubs, where you can get lots of helpful tips about the project. And each month she includes video demos of several different techniques to help you with your squares.

You could also join the Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket group on Ravelry and Facebook who are always very helpful and willing to give advice on all aspects of all the Mystery clubs. If you have a query that you cannot find an answer to then you can contact Sue at sue@debbieabrahams.com and she will be able to help you.

Do I receive any other benefits from being in one of Debbie’s Mystery Clubs?

Each month there is a prize draw which all Mystery Blanket Club members are entered into, with each winner receiving a gift from the range of kits, buttons, beads and books on Debbie’s website. Each winner is notified shortly after the draw has taken place.

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