MBC22: Bronze beads shortage

I HAVE BEEN MADE AWARE THIS MORNING THAT YOU MAY RUN OUT OF BRONZE BEADS FOR YOUR MAY SQUARES. I revised Option Two for Squares 37 & 38, Dapper, after the first part of the knitting kit had been posted, and added more Bronze beads to the pattern without considering how many you had been sent. You will receive more Bronze beads in your second parcel and these will be enough to complete the whole project.

If you have some Bronze beads in your own stash, then you could use these to complete your May squares and then you will be replenished when your second parcel arrives.

If you don't have any Bronze beads in your stash then you could put your knitting on a holder and return to it when your second parcel arrives.

If you a UK member and have run out of beads and would like extra Bronze beads posted to you before the second parcel arrives, please email me at debbie@debbieabrahams.com and I will post them to you. You will need 31 more Bronze beads to complete these squares.

If you are an overseas member, your second parcels are in the process of being posted and they include more Bronze beads.

If you are knitting Option One for Squares 37 & 38 you will have enough beads to complete them.

I apologise for this oversight but hope that one of the options I have suggested resolves the situation for you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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